Broadcaster by day and historical fiction author by night (and off-season), Steve draws inspiration from his life and from history
to create rich novels sure to draw you in.

About the Walls of LUcca

As Italy tries to heal from the wounds of World War I, one young woman brings together a number of strangers from disparate sections of the struggling country’s society. Isabella Roselli has an inner strength that defies understanding and her mission will touch those still hurting from the scars of war and injustice.

When the orphaned Isabella happens on the Martellino vineyard, she pulls in a widowed mother of four, a shell-shocked soldier, and an imperious matriarch. As these and other characters in the town of Lucca get to know Isabella, they are challenged to surrender their fears. Fascism is taking hold of the heart of Italy, and it is ensnaring all Italians in a web of brutality and dictatorship. Will Isabella’s simple love and friendship be enough to break fascism's hold on the residents of the vineyard? Find out in this compelling novel about love, hope, and the family we choose for ourselves.

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About ABove the Walls

The sequel to The Walls of Lucca, Above the Walls follows the Martellinos and their workers as World War II approaches. Love, battle, deception and faith drive a sweeping novel that grabs the reader and keeps the pages turning.